The next 10-Day Sugar Detox will be in September-October 2024 — sign-up for the wait list below
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Are these Cookies Talking to you?
Are you still waiting to be “ready” to quit sugar?
Are you tired of being pulled to treats like cookies, and carbs like pasta and bread?
Or maybe you’re exhausted by the constant will power battles and mental noise about whether or not to eat a treat?
It doesn’t have to be that way! Getting to the other side of a sugar detox helps rebalance your gut bacteria, hormones, tastebuds and reward center, so you can finally start feeling free without cravings.

This 10-Day Sugar Detox guides you to the other side of detox,
to get free of cravings,
so you can feel better and be in control without even trying.

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If you’ve been trying to quit sugar for a while but it just keeps coming back to bite you, come learn the skills and mindset tools to become truly free. You’ll never have to diet again.

Imagine in just 10 days you can look at a cookie without an overwhelming feeling to devour it. Free from the drama, you are empowered to choose the foods that make your body sing, without feelings of being deprived for FOMO.

Next 2-week program will be happening October 24-November 7th  — just in time for the holiday season!

Please note the dates of the live coaching calls — they are all recorded and posted.

Live coaching calls at 7:00pm on:

  • Thursday, October 24
  • Monday, October 28
  • Thursday, October 31
  • Monday, November 4
  • Thursday, November 7
Click the link below to join the wait list  – registration opens October 7th
“I’m elated… I have more even energy which is hitting at the right time of year I don’t want to lose that feeling so I’m continuing on the program as best as I can.”
– Participant Carol
“I am excited about going forward. I’m already down a few pounds without stressing about food – I just eat whole foods when I’m hungry and don’t think about it otherwise.” – Participant Mary
“This was an empowering program I can easily see myself changing the way I eat.”
– Participant Jane
This program is for you if:
  • You’ve tried quitting before, and even been successful for a while, but need a boost to get back on track
  • You want to start developing the skills and attitude for the long haul
  • You know there are tricks and tips to making it easier but you just don’t know what they are
  • You want the support and accountability of a group aiming for the same goal
  • You just need to do it already!
Reasons to do a 10-Day Sugar Detox:

✔️ Designed to get you through the hardest 10 days of reducing your sugar intake

✔️ Gives you a reset to start fresh

✔️ Gives your body a break from the blood sugar swings and inflammation-causing foods

✔️ Designed to get you through the detox easily so you can start working on your physical and emotional habits when the cravings aren’t there.

What's included in the 10-Day Sugar Detox Challenge:
  • How to plan for a 10-Day Sugar Detox Challenge – so you don’t have to figure it out yourself
  • Worksheets and tools – to understand yourself better and make the process easier
  • Meal planning and recipe ideas – so you’ll be ready and inspired
  • Key teachings that shed light on why it’s so hard to quit – so you’ll understand how you got here what to work on
  • 5 live coaching calls that will be recorded and available for viewing on demand
  • 24/7 community discussion space
  • and…PRIZES!

A limited number of private health coaching is available to help you transcend the habits and blocks that keep you from thriving. Read more about Private Coaching.

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“Before starting the Breaking Free from Sugar program, I had low energy and strong cravings. I spent a lot of time searching and trying ‘fads’ on the internet without really understanding the source of my problems. The science behind it is really what made me realize this is different. It solves the root of the problem versus a band-aid solution. When I started losing 3lbs a month consistently for 6 months with very little effort on my part. I didn’t have to count calories. I didn’t feel like I was starving or hungry. I have a meal planning system that is easy to ensure I have the ‘right’ food when hunger hits. I keep my kitchen stocked with the right food so I can just reach for something and know that it’s good for my body.”  Charlene T.