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Let’s make success inevitable

So many of us don’t take action towards our goals because we fear that we won’t succeed (fear of failure).

So many of us don’t dream big because we are afraid our lives will change too much or will require too much effort to maintain (fear of success).

So many of us choose to not set high goals because of the anticipated discomfort or discipline necessary to attain them (fear of effort).

So many of us choose to stay the same because being different comes with a social price (fear of being outcast from the tribe and/or FOMO).

All these types of fears are rooted in the survival mechanisms of the primitive brain, whose primary objective is to keep you alive and safe. The primitive brain doesn’t care about self-actualization or attaining goals…and therein lies the secret to pursing goals: comfort the primitive brain while letting the forebrain dream.

Imagine that you are a rock climber, and your dream is to ascend a high peak. You’ve seen other people do it, and have read accounts of the climb, but don’t have the knowledge or experience to do it yourself.

What might be your steps?

  1. Understand the basics
  2. Get the gear/tools
  3. Find a guide
  4. Create a practice schedule
  5. Learn to manage your mind

With the right tools, and guidance from someone who has climbed that peak before you, success is much more likely than trying to figure out technique AND route AND mindset all on your own. You want someone to show you where all the tricky spots are and tips for navigating them.

Needless to say…all of the above applies to quitting sugar or any lifestyle change (or any skill for that matter). You can try navigating toward your dream by trial and error, or you can apprentice with a guide until you’ve mastered the skills and mindset required to successfully go off on your own.

What are the requirements for successfully navigating a sugar-minimal lifestyle?

  1. Understand the basics (blood sugar, cravings, satiation, social situations, etc.)
  2. Get the gear/tools (food prep, snacks, stress, etc.)
  3. Find a guide (that’s me )
  4. Create a practice schedule (get through detox and beyond)
  5. Learn to manage your mind (feeling deprived, FOMO, etc.)

Ready to learn more? Then join me for a live workshop where I talk strategies and tactics for quitting sugar. Sign-up for a session at

To your health!


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