Coaching, Community & Creating Change

When you’re sensing a desire to change, but not sure how to gain traction

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1:1 Coaching

If you want to get out of the old, repeating patterns of thoughts and behaviors that keep giving you the same results, then having a coach might be for you. The beauty of having a health coach is that they understand YOU — your life situation, your history and preferences — and work with you to create more of the health and vitality you really want.

Start with learning more
The Sweet Tooth Dilemma

[This book] has the power to change your relationship with sugar and this will give you the power to change your entire life.”
Clarissa Kennedy, Food Addiction Professional, Co-Host of The Food Junkies Podcast

Be in touch if you have group that you think would benefit from a discussion about sugar.

“Don’t quit sugar without it!”
Eve O. Schaub author of Year of No Sugar

A community that supports change

The Sweet Freedom Society, hosted on a private platform (not Facebook), is where people can gather to learn, share, and support each other in their physical, mental-emotional and spiritual growth. In addition to the open forum and themed discussions, there will be weekly group coaching and monthly masterclasses, all to support you on your journey to create change.