Is your Sweet Tooth Holding You Hostage?

handcuffs breaking loose

Are you tired of:

…being ruled by sugar cravings

…being “good” for few days and then a little treat turns into a landslide

…The shame of Eating treats in private

…Starting over on Monday

…The frustration of not being able to figure it out

Then it’s time for you to go beyond the on-again/off-again cycle of healthy/poor eating and learn what’s going on so you can master your health, feel better now and reduce the risk of disease.

It’s Time for

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The Breaking Free from Sugar program, which lives inside the Sweet Freedom Society, has helped over 3500 people reduce their sugar consumption.
The program is absolutely FREE when you join the Sweet Freedom Society membership.
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Join the community for:
  • cutting edge, research-based information on mastering cravings and mindset
  • processes for emotional healing
  • accountability
  • inspiration and support from others
You are so much more than your issues with food. In the Sweet Freedom Society we address the whole person. And mastering your mind is hands-down the most effective way to start changing your relationship and habits with food. Rewiring your brain—and taste buds—creates lasting change and freedom in your body.


  • the peace that comes with not obsessing about food
  • the mental clarity that comes from reduced inflammation
  • the joy of not engaging in willpower battles
  • the better sleep, movement, skin, mood and joint issues
  • being free!
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is a non-judgemental space to learn, explore and experiment with new habits and self-discovery.

What will sweet freedom feel like for you?

  • Consistent energy
  • Less brain fog
  • No cravings
  • Less joint pain
  • Better moods
  • Clearer skin
  • …the benefits are endless

In the community you’ll find:

  • Like-minded people on the journey to better health and self-awareness
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Recipe inspiration to keep you motivated
  • Support and accountability
  • Expansive workshops and processes
  • Tools, tricks, tips and hacks
Master your mental game so that you can more easily create sustainable healthy habits
Overview of the program:
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Module 1 – Part A

The Why, What and How of
Quitting Sugar

Module 1 – Part B

How much sugar are you
actually eating?

Module 2

Starting your
No-Added-Sugar Challenge

Module 3

Understanding the role of carbohydrates

Module 4

How we got this way

Module 5

Moving forward

PLUS : tons of handouts for reflection, planning, and staple recipes
For more information on the Breaking Free from Sugar program, click HERE.
AND, as part of the Sweet Freedom Society you’ll get
If you’re ready to solve your issues with sugar and food once and for all
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“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.”
– African proverb

Why is changing our habits and desires so hard?

Have you ever tried to start a new way of eating or an exercise regime, and you’re all gung-ho for a few days or weeks, and then things peter-out? Or maybe you start your day with the clear intention of not having any chocolate before noon, and then bam! 11:00 rolls around and all you can think about is the chocolate you’re not going to have (and caving-in ensues).

Well, there’s a lot about our brain and our physiology that likes the status quo, so that can make change hard. And when it comes to sugar and alcohol, there are many more mechanisms at work that can keep us stuck in habitual behavior — not the least of which is that we LIKE them!

The Sweet Freedom Society, forming in the Fall of 2023, is a place to learn about — and get support for — healthy behavior change.

Right from the start, there will be:

  • weekly coaching calls to answer your questions and know that you’re not alone
  • monthly workshops and masterclasses to develop your understanding and skills
  • a private online community (not Facebook) to support each other, share recipes, wins and challenges
  • an exclusive library of recipes and not-so-sweet treats
  • peer interactions and forums

Along the way we will set goals, make plans, create winning mindsets, and learn the ninja tricks for overcoming barriers.

If this sounds like something that will support you on your journey to better health and wellbeing, we can’t wait to meet you inside the program.

Why you can no longer afford to ignore the problem
  • The mistake most people make – and why most diets fail – is that people think it’s about the food. They give you a meal plan and you have some success, but all the underlying habits and beliefs and identity around food stay the same and eventually pull you back to where you started.
  • Yes, what you eat and don’t eat IS important — and the foundation of a healthier lifestyle — but you also need to understand the WHY and HOW, and learn how to handle your emotions and celebrations in a new way.
  • Sugar (and flour) are linked not only to poor health outcomes but to obsessive eating itself.
  • This is a journey, and you will release attachments and dependencies gradually – a No-Added-Sugar Challenge is an interval that builds strength and resilience.
  • Since the release of dependency comes in stages, you will have support and community all along the way.
What are the results our participants getting?
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Charlene T.

Before starting the Breaking Free from Sugar program, I had low energy and strong cravings. I spent a lot of time searching and trying ‘fads’ on the internet without really understanding the source of my problems. The science behind it is really what made me realize this is different. It solves the root of the problem versus a band-aid solution. When I started losing 3lbs a month consistently for 6 months with very little effort on my part. I didn’t have to count calories. I didn’t feel like I was starving or hungry. I have a meal planning system that is easy to ensure I have the ‘right’ food when hunger hits. I printed out magic snack worksheet and post it in my kitchen. I keep my kitchen stocked with the right food so I can just reach for something and know that it’s good for my body.

Before discovering the Breaking Free from Sugar course, I experienced cyclical weight loss and gain, year after year, with higher highs and lower lows as I aged despite continuous exercise. It was incredibly frustrating! Like every diet only worked for a period of time. Like I was slowly marching toward death despite massive efforts to stave aging. Doing this course was fantastic, eye-opening, game changing. I had no idea sugar was hiding in all the foods I was eating. I was a complete sugar addict and didn’t realize it. I had no idea how sugar turned to fat in the liver. Andrea is so knowledgeable, she really opened my eyes. In week 2 I dropped a pound a day. By the end of week 3 my belly and hips were measuring 2″ less. The bloating just left my body. Plus, I’m calmer all the time and I have more constant energy.

headshot of tara

Tara M.

Suzy headshot

Suzy F.

Breaking Free From Sugar has increased my awareness of how much sugar I was actually consuming. Andrea’s approach to this program truly takes in to account and is understanding of the fact that many of us are making major habit and lifestyle changes. Yet her encouragement and supportive educational materials made it easy to want to make a lasting change (rather than just eliminating sugar for one month and then going back to old ways). My new relationship with sugar feels sustainable. My body is thanking me – and Andrea!

My interest in joining the program wasn’t really about weight loss or diabetes, though those things were on my mind because my blood sugar was kind of high. What really was more of a concern is my heart and potential blockages. I had heard from my holistic doctor that sugar causes inflammation, and that inflammation is a primary cause of disease. So I knew that the best thing I could do for my health and heart would be to quit sugar and flour, but wasn’t sure where to start. When I heard about the Breaking Free from Sugar program, I knew that the program would help me figure it out – and it did. My taste buds are becoming more alive to raw vegetables and salads, and I’m not reaching for crackers like I used to. My brain is functioning better, I have more concentration, and memory has improved. And the pain in my lower back has also improved. I lost 5 pounds this month. I must be showing because people are commenting on how good I look for 69.”

nick headshot

Nick S.

How much does the Breaking Free from Sugar program and the Sweet Freedom Society Cost? Priceless.
  • Before we talk about the cost of the program, let’s talk about the cost of your dependency. First there’s the actual amount you spend on feeding the sugar monster every week. Think about it for a minute: how much do you spend on products with sugar and flour? Even if you’re a home baker, feeding a sugar addiction adds up.
  • Then there’s the physical cost on your body, the damage that sugar and flour are doing to your metabolic system, gut, heart and brain. According to the American Diabetes Foundation, diabetics spend at least $9,601 per year managing their disease. If something doesn’t change, if you don’t finally solve this issue, where will you be in 5-10-20 years?
  • To solve this riddle once and for all, the Sweet Freedom Society is offering an introductory rate of only $34 per month!
Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not totally satisfied with the information and support that you get in the program, or for any other reason, just email support (at) for a full or prorated refund depending on your payment plan.

The Sweet Freedom Society with the Breaking Free from Sugar program is waiting for you.

Andrea Grayson is a behavior change communications consultant and teaches about Public Health Communications in the Master of Public Health program at the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont. In 2016, she discovered she had sugar/carb addiction, almost by accident. It then took her two years to heal that addiction, and she studied the process all along the way. She curated the essential science around sugar metabolism, dopamine, and habit change, and developed tools and processes to create the Breaking Free from Sugar program. Over 3500 people have taken the Breaking Free from Sugar program, with over 96% saying they were successful reducing how much sugar they ate, and 95% planning to continue with a sugar-minimal lifestyle. Read more about Andrea here.

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