montage of women at laptops
“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.”
– African proverb

Why is changing our habits and desires so hard?

Have you ever tried to start a new way of eating or an exercise regime, and you’re all gung-ho for a few days or weeks, and then things peter-out? Or maybe you start your day with the clear intention of not having any chocolate before noon, and then bam! 11:00 rolls around and all you can think about is the chocolate you’re not going to have (and caving-in ensues).

Well, there’s a lot about our brain and our physiology that likes the status quo, so that can make change hard. And when it comes to sugar and alcohol, there are many more mechanisms at work that can keep us stuck in habitual behavior — not the least of which is that we LIKE them!

The Change Happens Community, forming in the Spring of 2023, is a place to learn about — and get support for — healthy behavior change.

Right from the start, there will be:

  • weekly coaching calls to answer your questions and know that you’re not alone
  • monthly workshops and masterclasses to develop your understanding and skills
  • a private online community (not Facebook) to support each other, share recipes, wins and challenges
  • an exclusive library of recipes and not-so-sweet treats


Along the way we will set goals, make plans, create winning mindsets, and learn the ninja tricks for overcoming barriers.

If this sounds like something that will support you on your journey to better health and wellbeing, please reach out to get on the wait list.