Speaking & Workshops


Virtual presentations, workshops and in-person keynotes on a variety of health, mindset and personal performance topics. People in your organization will learn from research-based information and be inspired to think differently about their health. Contact Dr. Andrea Grayson about virtual and in-person presentations.
The topics she is currently speaking about are:
  • Are Your Kids Eating Too Much Sugar?:  Essential information for parents
  • Let’s Talk About Sugar
  • Does Sugar Have a Spell on You? (aka Rethinking Sugar)
  • Winning Your Mental Game
  • Are your beliefs holding you back from your goals?
  • The Brain Science of Self-Sabotage
"Dr. Andrea Grayson does not beat around the bush - she gets straight to it with no distraction from the message that sugar is everywhere, in everything, and we as consumers need to be armed with information in order to prioritize our health in the world of processed foods and manipulative marketing. This is a very relevant and relatable topic - our event was filled to capacity, plus more joining via Zoom. Those who attended walked away with useful and immediately applicable information - one member calling it "life changing!""
Linda Rosenthal
Preventative Care, The EDGE Fitness Centers