Change Happens

Available June 1st, 2023

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Daily Journal

An indispensable tool on your journey to create change,

Virtual presentations, workshops and in-person keynotes on a variety of health, mindset and personal performance topics. People in your organization will learn from research-based information and be inspired to think differently about their health. Contact Dr. Andrea Grayson about virtual and in-person presentations.
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Change Happens: Daily Journal is a six-month daily journal with research-informed prompts to help users create the changes they want to experience in their lives. Each page has a prompt for setting a clear goal, and then specific prompts for setting intentions for and reflections on the day. Over time, this practice will strengthen focus on the direction one wants to go, and shape one’s mindset and behaviors towards manifesting goals.

Drawn from research and best practices in the fields of positive psychology, behavior sciences, neuroscience and personal growth, this journal is an indispensable companion for creating the changes you want in your life.