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Why we resist saying “no” to sugar

Today I am contemplating commitment and conviction, and why we resist putting our foot down and saying “No” to being derailed, even when we know it is in our best interest to do so (and even when we will regret our actions moments afterwards).

Saying “No” the first few times are the hardest. Sure, it’s hard partly because we’re denying ourselves of a pleasure, but also because the ego doesn’t like to be told what to do! It feels like it is being disciplined: it wants something and can’t have it!

On the journey to quitting sugar, there will be hundreds — if not thousands — of times we will need to say “no.” To get around this sense of being disciplined, re-framing the NO into a YES is very helpful. If you are saying NO to a cookie, you are also saying YES to your health goals.

Another way to think about conviction is in black or white terms: either you’re in or your out; you’re doing this or you’re not.

Now, I generally try to avoid black and white thinking, but in the beginning of the journey to sugar freedom, making some rules and sticking to them is KEY for not only building new habits and changing behavior, but also developing self trust.

If you’re just beginning your journey to sugar freedom, start small: little baby steps make for great rules. For example, not having chocolate before noon, or only having it on days when you work out. Start with a small rule, build some confidence with it, and then build on it from there. Many of us need to rebuild trust, so be careful not to over-promise what you can do.

Another way to jump-start commitment is to join a challenge. Challenges have a clear start and end date so your brain will rebel less, and there are other people doing it with you. [This is why Dry January has been so successful.]

For starting or renewing your efforts to quit sugar, please check out the 10-Day Sugar Detox program offered every few months. People get great results, like this recent participant:

The 10-Day Sugar Detox is a great way to not only jump-start your journey, but also to learn what causes cravings so you can be prepared to avoid them now and forever more.

To your health!


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