The Power of Micro-Intentions

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At the beginning of the yoga class, the teacher led us through a short meditation, with a focus on the breath: “Take a long, slow inhale through the nose, and a long, slow exhale through the nose.” We did several rounds of breathing before pausing to feel the energy in our bodies. We were then […]

Let’s make success inevitable

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So many of us don’t take action towards our goals because we fear that we won’t succeed (fear of failure). So many of us don’t dream big because we are afraid our lives will change too much or will require too much effort to maintain (fear of success). So many of us choose to not […]

Summer eating: Let loose or stay strong? Yes.

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             Earlier this summer, my partner and I were on vacation in Europe. Then I traveled for family. Then we had guests two weekends in a row. Next month we’re traveling to visit other family.  All that is to say that it’s summer; the season of being out of the normal routine.             I’m basically […]

Do you need a Pivot Plan?

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Do you feel like you’re in a good groove with your diet, exercise, sleep, hydration and contemplative practice?

Mastering Habits with Curiosity: Your Key to Success

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I love a good cup of coffee. From the moment the scent of freshly ground beans starts wafting into the room, my anticipation of delight grows. And the first couple of sips meet that anticipation with the warm glow of a desire fulfilled, just like the first sips of a cold beer or white wine. […]

Do You Have Repetitive Thought Injuries (RTIs)?

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“Everything matters,” I pronounced the other day, as my partner and I were getting ready for bed. “Yes it does,” he replied, and added: “What is the context you are considering?”